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Imagine...... A chat room where you can go and talk with other Messianic believers about keeping Torah and not have to spend most of your time explaining or defending why, for you, this is right and important!!!

Can such a place exist??

It can, and does!!! #Messianic_Torah is just such a place. Most of us who frequent this chat room feel the call to honor G-d by seeking to observe Torah Mitzvot.

The premise of this chat is to provide support to each other as we seek to honor G-d by obeying Him in the way we are led. For it is in obedience that Faith and Love are consummated. The purpose of our room is not to debate whether it is right to obey Torah or who is or is not called to do so. We believe that is a decision individual between each believer and HaShem!! No man can judge another's servant! We are, by the very nature of our growth, humanity, and calling, all at different levels in this pursuit. No one is seen as better, or more holy, or more obedient, etc., by some supposed virtue of their progress in that which is only resonable service. Your reasonable service is to be obedient to what ever calling G-d has placed on your life!! For us, one of those callings is for us to pursue Torah observance.

Our chat room is run on Internet Chat Relay, or IRC. This is one of the oldest and most reliable chat programs out there.

Our address is:

IRC - server: Chatnet - room: #Messianic_Torah.

At 9pm Eastern time every Sunday, unless it is a Sabbath/Holy day.

If you do not have an IRC chat program it can be downloaded free from the link below.

Once downloaded and opened you will need to select the Chatnet server closest to you from the "Setup Info" drop down menu and then click on "connect to server." Once connected type:

/join #Messianic_Torah

in the black entry window at the bottom of your screen........... and you will be connected to our room.

mIRC is one of the better and most popular chat programs on the net -- it is very easy to learn the basics - which is essentially just type what you want to say and hit 'enter'. If you have any questions or difficulty PLEASE contact me for assistance, rather than not come!!!!!!

Room operator contact info:

screen nick - Henaynei

Come and add to the flavor of our discussion, share, learn, teach, fellowship, relax!!!

Links to mIRC download, info on Chatnet and other items of interest

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another mIRC download site:
mIRC Made Easy:
Info on Chatnet server:
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chat nick: Henaynei
North Carolina
United States

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